A staycation is a portmanteau word made up of “stay” and “vacation”. Portmanteaus can eventually become words in their own right, if used regularly. Staycation in the USA means having a holiday visiting places you have not seen before not too far away and then returning each night to sleep in your own beds. In the UK, being closer to mainland Europe, Staycation is fast becoming a term that means you visit areas in your own country instead of going abroad to foreign tourist spots. For example if you live in the South of England, you might book a week; say in the Surrey Hills or York or Edinburgh? The history and cultural beauty, plus the countryside are unmatched throughout the world. So with increased strife and conflict on mainland Europe, vacations within the UK are becoming more popular. You may have spent your holidays in Malaga lying on a beach all day and in the Pub at night, but have you been to St. Paul’s or the Tower of London? Or been to John O’Groats and seen the Northern Lights? And take note Summer 2018 was the hottest and the sunniest since records began.